Winning Records – A Stepping Stone for Success

Our Vision

We see Winning Records being the UK’s leading record label, shining the light on some of the most talented undercover rap artists, paving their way for success in the industry.

Mission Statement

Winning Records is committed to delivering exceptional service through our passion, knowledge and expertise in the industry. We continuously strive to support artists in producing, distributing and promoting their music to ensure they have enough time to focus of their own creative ability. Creating an environment where artists can realise their full potential, is at the heart of what we do.

Our Values

Integrity: Honesty and ethics are important to us. We will be transparent with our clients at all times with open communication.

Commitment: We are committed to getting the best out of the artists that we work with, ensuring the artist believes in themselves as much as we believe in them!

Reliable: We are a hardworking, friendly team at Winning Records and take on each artist as if they are family.

Results: We believe that results and success are achieved through hard work and a positive attitude.

We take pride in our abilities to make good decisions to ensure the success of our clients.


Winning Records was founded in 2019, in London, by Felix Ghost. After working in the music industry for many years, Felix started to see the power music has to educate the world and allow artists to express themselves and create a state of fulfilment. Many people in the music industry dream of becoming an established artist, connecting with fans on a deep and meaningful level.

But for Ghost, his dream was to own his own music platform to support artists who come from a less fortunate background, just as he did. With the support and investment from family members, the record label became established.

With a passion for football, growing up Ghost always dreamt of becoming a professional footballer. His teachers told him that he didn’t just have a sporting talent, but a business talent too and that one day he would own his own football club. Inspired by this prospect, Ghost ventured into different businesses as he quickly realised, working a 9-5 was not for him. Having his own business meant that he could implement his core value – Faith and Belief. Although not in football, Ghost has seen his business mind come to fruition through Winning Records.

Winning Records is proud to mentor aspiring young artists to get them recognised in the music industry. Keen to ensure the best results through high profile connections with both music artists and other record labels in the UK, establishing unknown music artists is at the core of what Winning Records does. That is not to say that an artist’s success comes without hard work, we believe in artists that are motivated to do their best and appreciate their time in creative writing to bring something new and relatable to society that tells a story. People buy into people and what they can relate to or aspire to be similar too.

Each client is taken on as part of the Winning Records family and as a family we believe in their success as if it was one of our own dreams. At Winning Records, we cannot measure joy. However, we can all clearly see the everlasting joy that God has planted in this family. Our good times will
forever be written on stone.