Photo of Felix Ghost

Felix Lucas Ghost

(Entrepreneur, Music Producer & CEO at Winning Records)

Felix has seen music as a crucial part of his life journey and culture. His passion for music started when he began supporting his friends that are in the industry, the more he helped his friends, the more he understood how powerful music could be.

He started to see and feel the fulfilment that music can offer to artists, fans and listeners; and that struck a chord inside him. Being part of a music culture that can change the world and the views of others is powerful and that is something that we can have a great influence over.

After studying for a degree in Business Management and focusing on Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Felix started to help others to flourish in the industry and he started to work with the likes of Sona and YFS (Afrobeats artist).

Contact Number: (077)-149-35759
Email ID: [email protected]