Winning Records – Music Platform Fulfilling Dreams

They say life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. Such is an unusual, visionary, powerful tale of the fate of a young man Felix Ghost Lucas in his journey into the world of music. Ghost, as he likes to be addressed as at the very start of his music career, decided to build something definite that would pave his way towards success simultaneously desiring to give back to his people and society.

Born and brought up in England, Ghost originally spent the first 10 years of his early life in the streets of Lagos in  Nigeria before returning to his siblings in England. Little did anyone know that these primary years were going to leave an everlasting impact on young Felix. Ghost did his Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Middlesex University Business School, London in the year 2015. Having ventured into different businesses, he quickly realized that there was a strong desire to lead within him. Working a 9-5 job was no longer a satisfactory option for him. A young, creative mind of his started looking for an escape, and Ghost soon found himself getting involved in supporting and helping his friends in the music industry.

The Monumental Change

This came as a life-changing point in the life of a business-oriented Felix Ghost Lucas. The change in environment soon led him to discover the powerful attributes of music. The more he started to learn and listen to the ways music expressed people’s emotions, he realized how deeply it could influence others. This newfound discovery in music made him understand how powerful it was. Soon he found himself wanting to be a part of this evolution of music.  He was analytical enough to know that his business skills could help others to flourish in the industry. It was then he started to work with the likes of Sona and YFS (Afrobeats artist). He knew his knowledge could help others to flourish in the industry.

A “Winning” Beginning 

In 2019, in London, Felix Ghost Lucas founded his record label naming its Winning Records. After working in the music industry for many years, Felix soon started to see the power of music. He understood music as a form that allowed the artists to express themselves and create a state of fulfillment. Unlike others in the music industry who wanted to become an established artist and work their way up the ladder of fame, Felix wanted the music to be more about connecting with fans on a deep and meaningful level.  He decided to fulfill his dream through his music platform. Felix believed in sending the ladder back down and therefore decided to support artists who came from a less fortunate background.

Felix proved his broad vision and expertise in his field while managing Faceless for a friend who happened to be a Nigeria based artist. The success of his latest single Feel My Pain and with over half a million views on his music video showed the world that Faceless was getting the exposure it needed on all the right platforms. Felix worked to ensure that he could bring his vision to life at Winning Records

One Step Further

After living in Nigeria for 10 years and upon seeing the success of Faceless, Felix started to acknowledge the incredible talent coming out of Nigeria which he describes as energetic good vibes. Winning Records made it an aim to get enthusiastic and talented Nigerian artists seen and appreciated locally and worldwide. Soon after, Beatz & Barz was formed by Felix. An online platform specifically for young Nigerian artists to showcase their talent worldwide. He believes that Beatz & Barz has the potential to be the platform needed to fulfill the dreams of these artists.

Felix Ghost Lucas as the founder of Winning Records is committed to delivering exceptional service through their passion, knowledge, and expertise in the industry. He believes his team is continuously striving to support artists in producing, distributing, and promoting their music. This ensures they have enough time to focus on their creative ability.

I Have a Dream

Felix dreams to see Winning Records being the UK’s leading record label. Known for creating an identity for shining the light on some of the most talented undercover rap artists, paving their way for a success story in the industry. He wishes to expand this vision and bring about the much-required recognition to regional talents. A bigger picture and vision of expanding Winning Records and its aim into several different countries including India. He expresses his awe and delight regarding India being the country with the world’s second-highest number of languages and rich cultural background carrying the immense potential to offer in the field of music,

In a conversation, Felix acknowledged stating his love for Indian music and the diversity it has to offer. He shared his thoughts saying, “It is a bit difficult to understand the meaning of Indian Songs due to the language barrier but I enjoy the right balance of lively and soothing music they have.”